City of Grants Pass helps Bunny Motel with $40,000 utility cost

The Bunny's Motel, located next to the new Police Safety Station. (John Stoeckl/News 10)

The City of Grants Pass has begun surveying the property for the renovation and construction of the new police safety station located on 6th street where the old Department of Health Services was located.

Development Director Lora Glover said as they go through remodels, things pop up.

“As our team was in there doing the survey work, beginning excavation,” Glover said. “They discovered that the Bunny Motel’s private utility service - gas, sewer, and water I believe - were located across the property line.”

Bunny’s Motel immediately covered the cost of moving the utility lines to the cost of $40,000.

“They were very cooperative with us,” Glover said. “They jumped right on it. Their quick action did not delay our project any further which would have increased the expense of our project too.”

Had the new police safety station been owned by a private owner, the Bunny’s Motel property owners would have had legal options. But since it was a government agency, the situation was more difficult.

Glover said that after the property owners had the utilities moved, they approached Jason Canady, the City Public Works Director to see if they could get some assistance. Canady and Glover put together a proposal to city council we did have some funding left over from a community development block grant program.

“And so we approached the council last night about doing a 50-50 grant request,” Glover said. “For them to pay for half of those services.”

After some discussion and a few questions about legality, the city council voted unanimously in favor of granting the proposal. Through the old developmental grant funds, the city will give the Bunny’s Motel property owners $20,000 to help offset the utility cost.

Why help out a small obscure motel in the middle of Grants Pass?

Glover said because they are more of a low-income housing unit rather than a conventional lodging option. She said they provide essential housing to the community and that this funding will avoid displacing multiple families.

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