Adults joins Medford youth for policy change

People of all ages were at the climate change rally in Downtown Medford. (Carsyn Currier/News 10)

Climate change rallies were going on across the nation today, and that means all across Oregon as well.

In Southern Oregon, there were rallies in Medford, Phoenix, Ashland, and Grants Pass.

In Downtown Medford at the Vogel Plaza, hundreds of people of all ages held signs and chanted to bring awareness to the effects of climate change.

Youth around the world walked out of their school classes.

Others walked out of jobs, and homes as part of a global climate strike.

Students said they were standing up for their futures.

Hannah Schecter, high school student, said it's important to speak out now... Before it's too late.

"Every single day we wake up and think do we have a future, what is the world going to be like in ten years from now," said Schecter.

Perla Salazar, high school student, said they were excited to finally be able to vote this year.

"Yes, we're students. Yes, we might be young, but some of us this year are going to be able to vote, which we're really excited for. We are going to be able to take a part in it, politically, not just doing rallies."

Alison Duren- Sutherland, a mother, said they were advocating for their kids and the future generations.

"I think that, for those of us that are parents. For those of us that are grandparents, we know that this is about their survival," Duren- Sutherland.

Some students missed school, but they said it was for a good reason.

Denisse Picazo, high school student, said it's important for them to work together.

"Apparently to the government our education is very important. But, if we show that we care and we're out here because this is more important to us then it shows them that we're empowered. We're here to take on the world and get our world back. There's no way were going to get any change or anything different unless we all come together and unite to fight this together."

The rallies around the world are in advance of the United Nations Climate Action Summit taking place in New York City on Monday.

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