Closure concerns lead to Anderson Butte Rd. community clean up

Courtesy of Mikee Reel

Anderson Butte Rd. is a trail frequently used for recreation by local four-wheeler drivers, motorcyclists and the occasional hiker. However, a lack of maintenance, a need for cleaning and what some would call illegal dumping have caused concern that authorities may close the road.

"There's been a lot of talk recently about the homeless trash pile up, about unsafe target shooting among other things, so they kind of what to shut down that road," resident Landon Evans said.

After seeing the piles and piles of trash himself, Evans is taking matters into his own hands by helping to coordinate a community clean up on Saturday.

"Some of it is in-bed camper trailers that are just ditched, I've seen a boat up there," Evans said. "I've seen just random stuff that people think are too expensive to dump or don't want to deal with it or just simply don't care."

The group is meeting at the south Medford Walmart at 10 A.M. on Jan. 26. The group is looking for volunteers and possibly monetary donations to cover the cost of dumping.

The Bureau of Land Management is also taking public comment, as they consider temporarily restricting recreational shooting after past incidents of unsafe shooting.

"We believe that if we're going to use it, we need to take care of it," Evans said. "It's just like anything else, if you're going to go somewhere and you're going to destroy it then you're going to cut it off for everybody else."

Evans said the clean up is a message that this community of four-wheeler drivers, motorcyclists and hikers care about the land.

"We're more worried about showing BLM that there people that care about using our trails and there are people that can take care of those trails," Evans said.

While he knows this is short-term solution to a long-term problem, Evans said he wants to work with the agency to find a more permanent solution.

"It's definitely a cycle, there have been runs before where they come to clean up trash and it just seems like the next month it's even worse," Evans said.

Evans said "unlike clean ups in the past, we will not be disturbing," as previous clean up efforts have caused problems with widening the trails.

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