Two homeless men hospitalized after carbon monoxide poisoning

Medford Parks Department sign stating "No Camping" (Genevieve Grippo / News 10)

Two homeless men are now in the hospital, after showing signs of carbon monoxide poisoning Saturday morning.

Medford Police said the men were using a barbecue grill as a warming fire for their tent along the greenway.

Cpl. Ernie Whiteman said their actions not only pose a safety risk for themselves, but also for others around them.

"The dangers are obviously, not only the carbon monoxide poisoning, but the threat of fire starting within a tent," Whiteman said. "When you're stuck inside of a tent, you've got all the flammable items inside."

Both of the men were transported to the hospital by emergency responders.

Whiteman said the call was unusual, as carbon monoxide poisonings are not common in the area.

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