Coach Howard taught players more than football, he taught life lessons

ASHLAND, Ore.-- The late Southern Oregon University football coach was honored by hundreds on Monday night.

Coach Craig Howard's former and current players came together to remember the man who taught them so much more than just football.

"Winning or losing games--that doesn't change lives, but knowing that your loved, knowing that you have purpose, and knowing that there's someone behind you no matter what happens--win lose or draw--someone's going to have your back--that's what changes so many lives," Tim Tebow said.

Coach Howard was Tebow's high school football coach. He said Coach Howard changed his life in more ways than he could have imagined.

In addition to showing his players the game of football, he showed them love and taught them the importance of family.

"He didn't coach athletes to win football games," one of the speakers said. "Those are by-products. He coached athletes to be great husbands, to be great fathers and to contribute to society."

Although it was Coach Howard's last time on the field, his legacy will live on at Raider Stadium, at Southern Oregon University and through every life he changed.

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