Local farms get their chance to shine on the Rogue Valley Farm Tour

Rogue Valley Farm Tour Sign (Shelby Reilly/News 10)

Many people can name a list of grocery stores, but can you name a local farm?

People were able to visit multiple ranches and farms today while purchasing local produce on the Rogue Valley Farm tour.

In a business that is often forgotten about, something like this can mean a lot to local farms.

Farms are still here and growing produce, but a local farm owner says this is not an easy business to maintain.

"There's a major offset here with the hemp production taking over most of the good farmland, and in many cases, it's replaced the food crop and so it's important that people realize that it's happening. They also need to know that there is food still being produced here," Greg Askins, co-owner of Fox Run Farm, said.

Because it can be hard to keep a local farm up and running, the tour can bring in a lot more customers and be a big help to their business.

“For us personally, we’re not able to afford a large marketing budget and advertising is getting more and more difficult to get any sort of audience so the farm tour has helped because it focuses all of the attention on this particular subject,” Askins said.

Although it brought in more customers, Askins also mentions that today was a great opportunity for smaller farms to connect with the community, and for people to get to know their local farmers.

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