Community taking notice of city and county agencies greenway cleanup efforts

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

MEDFORD, Ore. - The Bear Creek Greenway is getting a lot of attention from law enforcement.

A couple weeks back we reported on a community member's concern for the constant trash and some transient belongings that were obstructing the greenway for bicyclists.

That same community member, Steve Ryan, took to social media to express what a difference he's noticed riding on the greenway now after a concerted effort by county agencies for a greenway clean up.

It's been about a month since law enforcement, city and county agencies met to discuss a new approach to cleaning up the greenway.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says by coordinating resources and targeting sweeps in all areas, the greenway and the parks along its path are taking shape and the community is taking notice.

"The parks are clean. The city is doing a good job of keeping the clean, doing the sweeps and you can see that. And I think families feel safer when they see that,” said Ryan.

The sheriff’s office alone has a corporal overseeing the project and several deputies in the rotation for the cleanup.

The agencies plan to meet again in August and Jackson County Sheriff Nathan Sickler says they plan on divvying up the sections of the greenway among the agencies so no stone is left unturned.

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