Company who bought Rough and Ready property bringing jobs to Cave Junction

The Oregon branch executive for Sparetime Supply Distribution (right) talks about potential job openings with an applicant (left) at Taylor's Sausage County Store. (KTVL/Mike Marut)

Back in November 2016, Rough and Ready Lumber Mill closed for good and offered up everything in an auction. Sparetime Supply Distribution bought the land in the auction to start a new wholesale gardening distribution center on the property.

Sparetime distributes the gardening tools to small businesses and plans to bring at least 15 to 20 jobs immediately to the area.

"That's going to be mom and pop nursuries, that's going to be hydroponic stores, that's going to be home supply stores - ace hardware, true value, do it best those types of things," Andrew Hosford, Ph.D - the Executive Vice President - said.

Those jobs include both skilled/administrative positions and labor positions.

Hosford says people who start in the company at minimum wage jobs have ample opportunity to grow within the company, citing the company was actually his first job in Willits, Calif. and now he's executive VP.

The administrative team, including the head of the Oregon branch of the company, will be at Taylor's Sausage Country Store on Hwy 199 in Cave Junction every Wednesday from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. through February 14th.

There you can fill out an application and discuss the job opportunity with executives.

To contact Sparetime Supply, click here.

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