Construction on Olsrund Family Community Playground begins


Construction on the Olsrud Family Community Playground started Saturday morning with over 100 volunteers serving to get the project started.

While the new playground will be larger and include more accessible features, it will incorporate the playground's original fort-like design.

Parks and Recreation Director Rich Rosenthal said the project is important for multi-generational families who have grown up in the area.

"Isn't this what great community is all about...coming together to build something great.," Rosenthal said. "Not just for this generation, not just for the now but for the next several generations... and I think that makes a lot of people, including myself, feel really good."

Rosenthal said this opening day has been eagerly anticipated for the past several months and the by product of a lot fundraising and a lot of ‘friend-raising.’

“It’s more than just asking people to volunteer," Rosenthal said. "It's providing all the support infrastructure for people who have kids that want to help, amazing support from local business that donated food to support our volunteers, meals, drinks, all those types of things."

Rosenthal said the original 1988 playground was an "amazing structure."

“We wouldn’t be doing this now if it wasn’t for the efforts of those who came before us,"Rosenthal said. "[They] raised the money, built the playground, made that connection, and then their kids had a connection or their grand kids had a connection and so forth."

The Parks and Recreation Department said there's still a strong need for tools, equipment, and most importantly volunteers to complete construction. If you're interested in donating or volunteering, you can find more information on the department's website. They are working toward a late Oct. ribbon-cutting ceremony.

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