Cougar sighting in Ashland does not stop everyday life


Living in the Rogue Valley is synonymous to living among wildlife. Residents of the area are accustomed to deer, wild turkeys, bears, and sometimes even cougars being sighted in their neighborhood.

But a long-time resident claims this was not always the case. Two adult cougars were seen in Ashland during the early hours of the morning on Wednesday, October 24th.

"The animals have only begun coming down the mountain in recent years," said Santina Ashacrab, who has lived in Ashland since the early 1960's.

City officials, business owners, and residents all continue about their day as a the reported cougars lurked nearby.

"They don't attack people; we're not as good as baby fawn," said Jack Morgan, another long-time Ashland resident, as he recalled an instance, not too long ago, when a cougar ate half a fawn, covered the rest with bark and went back later to finish his meal.

Ashland Police Department issued out a warning on Wednesday, after residents reported a cougar caught on a residence surveillance video near the Ashland Fire Station.

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