Medco B Fire declared over

The Oregon Department of Forestry, Southwest Oregon District has declared an end to the Medco B Fire on Thursday afternoon after crews reached 98% containment. (Courtesy ODF)

UPDATE: 5/9/19 4:00 p.m.

The Medco B Fire has been declared over by the Oregon Department of Forestry, Southwest Oregon District in a Thursday afternoon update. ODF has "turned the fire over to the property owner, who will be handling the last of the mop-up process."

In this final day, firefighters reached 98 percent containment on the fire. It covered a total of 345 acres.

The Medco B Fire first broke out on Saturday afternoon across two logging units on private land, according to ODF. One had been recently felled and bucked; the other was logged several years earlier.

The investigation into the cause remains open. No evacuations were issued and no road closures were made.

UPDATE: 5/7/19 9:00 a.m.

Oregon Dept. of Forestry expects the Medco B fire to be fully contained soon. As of Tuesday morning, containment reached 92% and crew numbers have gone down from 118 to 96.

One dozer has been pulled from the fireline and the night shift crews have become patrol crews.

UPDATE: 5/6/19 9:00 a.m.

Oregon Dept. of Forestry reports the Medco B Fire is now 90% contained and is holding at 345 acres in size.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

ODF currently has 100 firefighting personnel on scene along with five water tenders, six wildland fire engines, and three bulldozers.

UPDATE: 5/6/19, 4:30 a.m.

The Medco B fire is currently 90% lined and 345 acres.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

ORIGINAL: 5/5/19

The 300-acre Medco B Fire, between Butte Falls and Prospect, is burning through the surrounding land quickly. The Oregon Department of Forestry said there are about 100 firefighters, from their own team and others, working to put it out. Officials said the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

"This is a larger than normal fire, at a fairly high elevation that we would normally expect, looking at years past, but things are changing now," public information officer Brian Ballou said.

Since fire broke out on Saturday afternoon, fire crews have been working overnight to control it.

"Building fire line, running hose lays, scouting the edges of the fire to see where it has penetrated into the standing timber," Ballou said.

A few campers at Lake Medco said they got a front seat view of the takedown.

"There was a helicopter that came down about half a dozen times," camper Darren Chapman said. "It came right over there and dropped, with a big old hose coming of out it."

While the campers did not have to evacuate, they did have to worry about possible smoke exposure.

"The person who watches over the place came over and asked us if we needed some gas masks," Chapman said. "Some of us did, some of us didn't."

With a fire line around 80 percent of the fire, ODF said they plan to have the entire perimeter secured by Sunday night.

"We are the front end of may with a 300-acre fire that obviously burned pretty aggressively all of Saturday afternoon, so our dryness is really ahead of schedule," Ballou said.

About a month out from typical fire season, Ballou said fire prevention awareness is the key to staying safe.

"Early season campers really be careful, putting your fire up before you leave your campsite," Ballou said.

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