Klondike Fire could threaten 911, communications antennas on Eight Dollar Mt.

The News 10 transmitter standing on top of Eight Dollar Mountain. (KTVL/David Katz)

Crews fighting the Klondike Fire used backburning operations and the physical removal of bushes and brush to try and protect communications antennas and 911 repeaters from being burned by the Klondike Fire.

They cleared out fire fuels this week from the top of the mountain. The fire has yet to reach Eight Dollar Mountain, but it has caused some concern for Klondike Fire officials.

Officials say because it's such a tall mountain, it is necessary for communications towers, including their own, as well as visibility on the fires. The fuel removal operations should prevent the fire from getting to close, if it starts to climb the mountain.

"It would be already protected like a fire-safe area around a home," Peter Frenzen, public information for the Klondike Fire, said. "In this case, because it's on a mountain, that would be a much larger area. The thing would be that the fire would pretty much burn around it and go by."

Currently, among the various communications towners, a transmitter for News 10 sits atop the mountain as well. Frenzen added if the 911 repeater or other antennas are burned, it would cause communication to be delayed to some communities in the Selma and Cave Junction area east of the mountain.

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