Culture of Peace Commission finishes ten days of events

The Ashland Culture of Peace Commission finished ten days of peace events on Wednesday. (KTVL/Will Maetzold)

ASHLAND, Ore. -- The Ashland Culture of Peace Commission held a concert to finish up its ten days of peace activities since Sept. 11.

The group also celebrated its first anniversary on Wednesday.

For the last ten days, a vigil has been held in the Ashland Plaza and talks covering different topics have been held in the afternoon.

"This really is a time to contemplate how we have evolved from such aggression and such trouble in the world to being more aware and more conscious," Ashland Culture of Peace Commission executive director David Wick said. "More, 'How do we come together to find pathways into greater well-being?'"

The event included music, speakers and food.

Wednesday is also marked as the International Day of Peace.

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