DA: Charges may not be filed in crash that killed Bly man

DA: Charges may not be filed in crash that killed Bly man

The life of Frederic Rouviere was cut short after Oregon State Police said a driver of a pick-up truck blew a stop sign on Highway 140 near Bliss Road March 18th.

His wife of nearly ten years, Cynthia Schmidt, was injured in the crash but is now left to pick up the pieces of their life.

"Her husband is gone. The life they started in Oregon is gone," said family friend Terry Merak. "I trust in Cindy she is a strong woman."

Merak who married the couple on a beach near New Orleans is now heartbroken over the loss Schmidt is going through. "She's already found the right person. She's already found the right place and now it all got taken out from under her that day," Merak said.

The couple fell in love at the Mardi Gras after meeting online.

Rouviere was an emergency room nurse for thirty years in France before marrying Cynthia and settling down in Bly, Oregon.

Originally from Brittany, France, Rouviere loved being an American. "He got his citizenship last year. Fred really loved the libertarian aspect of asserting your individual freedom and your individual right and that's why he wanted to be in America instead of France," Merak said.

Schmidt set up a gofundme page to help pay for her husband's memorial. Without her husband now, Merak said she plans to sell their Oregon property and move in with family.

Klamath County District Attorney Eve Costello is still looking into the investigation led by Oregon State Police.

No charges have been filed.

The driver of the other vehicle survived the crash and is recovering with family in Washington State. She faces more surgery. Chelsea Ridenour, 29, is accused of running the stop sign that led to the crash.

Schmidt, the only insured driver in the two-vehicle collision, can't move forward with her insurance as all of the vehicles in the crash were impounded for the investigation.

The Oregon State Police officials directed News 10 to the district attorney for the latest on the investigation. "This matter is still under investigation," Costello said. "It is a tragic set of circumstances. We are working as quickly as possible to determine what legal course of action-- if any-- is demanded."

Merak said Schmidt is planning to spread his ashes at waterways that meant something to him like the Mississippi River where they met, Ireland where he has Celtic roots and his native home in Brittany, France. He feels grief and sees Rouviere death as a reality check for his own life.

"I've made personal decisions in my life based on Fred's death. Life is too short," Merak said.

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