Slick roads leading to vehicles leaving roadways Thursday morning

Gary Bachelor took this photo from his home in Grenada, Calif. On the left side, a semi truck overturned and slid off the road. (Courtesy: Gary Bachelor)

California Highway Patrol responded to at least five different spinouts or non-injury collisions Thursday morning after warning drivers about slick roads.

One of those calls for response was for a semi-truck that jackknifed along Siskiyou County road A12 according to a Grenada, Calif. resident.

According to CHP radio calls, the 53-foot truck over turned over an embankment after colliding with a fire truck, but that has not been confirmed.

The scene was first "stabilized by Cal Fire" according to dispatch calls. There are no official reports on injuries at this time.

In the same incident, CHP reported a crash involving an extended cab pickup truck as well.

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