Dietitians recommends "flu-fighting foods" this season

Flu-fighting foods (Stephanie Montano/KTVL)

The Center For Disease Control and Prevention reports the flu is now widespread in 46 states, nearly four times as many compared with this time in 2017. While doctors recommend you get the flu shot there are also foods you can eat to help build your immune system. Fruits and vegetables high in vitamin e and c which are high in antioxidants will help you build a strong immune system.

Sneha Bandi, a Registered Dietitian with Providence Medical Center said there's a list of flu-fighting foods that will help.

"Citrus fruits and vegetables colorful vegetables, sweet potatoes, ginger garlic," said Bandi. " Green tea is a great source of antioxidant which in turn will help your immune system, adding turmeric to your stews, soups salad dressings also help."

Doctors also recommend a well-balanced diet and washing your hands often. If you do experience flu-like symptoms, don't wait to go to the doctor.

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