Disabled Medford family seeking help to keep home

A disabled family in Medford is asking for the communities help them keep their home.

Della Drum and her daughter Melony Garcia have lived in their house since 2011. Both of them have been through serious health complications which has affected their house upkeep.

The City of Medford has given them till December 11th to clean it up. If it is not done, the family will lose their home.

" If we don't get it cleaned up were gonna be homeless, its just right now, its just a hopeless feeling," said Garcia. "Can anybody help us? Get it straightened out? It wont ever be like this again."

Compassion Highway Project and Faith Christian Center are teaming up and are putting volunteer groups together to help on Saturday, December 9th at 9 a.m.

Anyone interested in helping can email or contact Compassion Highway Project via Facebook.

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