Dispensary turns to billboards for advertising


TALENT, Ore -- Marijuana dispensary owners in Oregon are facing a battle to find creative ways of advertising.

In February several Facebook pages belonging to southern Oregon pot shops were shut down. Talent Health Club placed their Instagram page on private.

"Essentially they're saying we can't advertise on there because people 21 are exposed to it," said the manager at Breeze Botanicals in Ashland.

Talent Health Club has turned to billboards.

"We respect and follow the rules like everyone else. At the same time we need to fight for our rights and show people we are a normal industry too," said Andrew Robison.

The owners of Talent Health Club originally asked state officials if they could show someone on the billboard smoking pot. They were told no. Instead they put a marijuana nugget and an arrow pointing south, the direction toward the shop.

News10 asked the manager what he thought about kids being exposed to the sign. He said, "Parents need to talk to their kids about things in this world. The reality is this industry is malign its way into the world."

According to dispensary owners, there are not any specific laws in pot advertisement but they said the state is slowly putting regulations.

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