Dog in need of a home after surviving volcano eruption in Hawaii

lulu 2.jpg

An Ashland couple escaped from the volcano eruption from the Big Island in Hawaii with their three dogs and an abandon dog named, Sunny.

The couple moved to the Big Island seven months ago and when the volcano erupted, they quickly put their stuff in storage, and left the island.

Sunny was running along a highway all alone when the couple rescued him and provided him a home until someone took Sunny home.

Susan Yeagley says all of the rescue homes in Hawaii are over crowded with animals, so she put Sunny on Facebook and a couple took him in right away.

Yeagley husband returned to Hawaii to get their belongs.

Now, they found another dog, Lulu, who needs a home.

"We weren't planning on it. He didn't go with a mission in mind to finding another dog to re-home, but it happened. And he found her and now he's going to try and do the right thing and get her placed in a forever home." Yeagley said.

She says her husband is expected to return next week.

If you would like to help give Lulu a home, you can message Yeagley on her Facebook page by clicking here.

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