Don’t Shoot PDX, Black Lives Matter block streets, burn flag in downtown protest

Don't Shoot Portland Protest in Downtown Portland (KATU photo).

The Don’t Shoot Portland and Black Lives Matter groups staged a protest in Downtown Portland Friday afternoon.

The groups marched from Portland State University to the Multnomah County Courthouse around 1:30 p.m., chanting "Black Lives Matter," and "write in Raiford."

Part of the demonstration was to raise awareness and support for an initiative to write in Teressa Raiford for Multnomah County Sheriff on the November ballot.

Raiford, the leader of Don't Shoot Portland, formally announced the write-in campaign on Monday.

Members of the group also started chants related to police brutality and discrimination, shouting "these racist cops have got to go."

Over the past several weeks, the activists have protested Mayor Charlie Hales' decision to vote on a new Portland Police union contract.

10 people were arrested and dozens more pepper-sprayed by police at an Oct. 12 protest at City Hall.

Much of the Friday protest took place just feet away from a BBQ celebrating the not guilty verdict handed down for all seven defendants in the Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupation trial.

At one point, a Don't Shoot Portland protester asked one of the Bundy supporters for her flag. He then took it to the rest of the protesters, who burned it.

The woman who owns the flag says she plans on filing a police report.

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