Dozens of local veterans to visit Washington, D.C.

(KTVL/Georgia Lawson)

On Friday, dozens of local veterans will head to Washington D.C. on a trip coordinated by Honor Flights of Oregon.

Bob Kriegh served in the marine corps during World War Two and went on the trip last year.

The organization raises money to send veterans to the nation's capitol to visit the war memorial in their honor.

Born and raised in Washington, D.C. Kriegh visited his once home town after more than fifty years.

He toured memorials and museums, and even a special surprise when he arrived at his hotel.

"This little eight year old boy dressed in dress blues and a corporals uniform, with his white covered just the way I was in the marine corps as a corporal saluted me and handed me an american flag and it was my great grandson," says Kriegh.

He said the entire experience was life changing.

He plans to welcome this year's group home when they return Sunday evening at 11 p.m. to the Medford airport, and encourages the public to do the same.

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