Draft Horse Logging to Benefit Local Family

Nick Rodgers of Two Js Resources and two of his draft logging horses working in Butte Falls. (KTVL/Brian Schnee)

In a community where everybody knows each others name, neighbors have been stepping up to help one of their own.

The latest example in Butte Falls is Nick Rodgers and his draft horse logging business helping 9-year-old Carter Anderson who continues to battle PKAN.

"We're Americans, we take care of our neighbors," Nick Rodgers said.

Rodgers and his company, Two Js Resources, are working to remove hazardous trees from properties before the threat of wildfire returns to the region.

"I was taking some beetle kill off my property and I decided to donate some logs to Carter," Rodgers said. "They'll get around $2,000 to help them out."

Carter, who has been battling PKAN for a few years, has reached the advanced stage of the disease.

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"Carter right now is very complex, mom and dad have to stay home and we both work full-time so I'm working half-days, she's working half-days," Carter's dad Blair Anderson said. "Keep us in your thoughts and prayers daily."

Rodgers, who has been removing dead and dying trees from his own property to donate, is available to remove hazardous trees (potential fire hazardous) from other properties. A portion of the costs will be donated to the Anderson family.

"We're going to try and send some of that to Spoonbill and use some of that for bills that insurance doesn't cover," Blair Anderson said. "It's just taking one extra weight off of our shoulders."

Multiple local mill's in the area have jumped on board to help with the donation of logging proceeds to the Anderson's including Murphy Veneer (White City) and Oregon West Lumber (Eagle Point)

If you would like to have trees removed from your property with proceeds benefiting Carter Anderson, call Nick Rodgers: 541-951-1248.

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