Eagle Point School District approves a $95 million dollar bond

KTVL/Riche Garza

{UPDATE 11:40 P.M.}

Eagle Point School District 9 unanimously approves the bond measure for the November elections of 2018.


The Eagle Point School District will present a bond idea for the November ballot.

In a project that's taken months of research and community outreach programs, Eagle Point School District staff have concluded that a $95 million dollar bond is the ideal way to preserve the district for years to come.

Most of the money is said to be for infrastructure, but school officials have a long way to go before the money is available, as it is coming directly from Eagle Point residents.

If the bond passes school board approval and submission in the ballot this coming November, residents should see a dollar increase per one-thousand dollar of property value.

"A bond like this, it increases the legacy for children to come, we're not building new buildings and safer places for the students that are here now, we're building those buildings for the future."

Said Allen Barber, HR director for the Eagle Point School District.

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