Eagle Point Softball Welcomed with Memorial at Playoff Game


When the Eagle Point Softball team showed up to Hermiston High School for a 5A playoff game on Wednesday, they were greeted with a compassionate memorial aimed at helping their community heal.

"It's been a rough time," Eagle Point Softball Coach John White said after the game.

Hermiston paid tribute to tragedy that struck the Eagle Point community after a car crash killed three students over the weekend.

The team was greeted with a banner that read "Welcome Eagle Point, We Care." Along with three carnations remembering the three young women who lost their lives, the home team also had lunch ready for the Eagles, who had a near-ten hour commute.

"One of our girl's grandmother's on the verge of death, I'm not sure if she's made it through the day," White said. "My dad died last week and the three girls who were very close to a lot of kids on our team and even to me for that matter."

The Eagles ended their season following a 4-3 loss in the opening round of the 5A playoffs.

Memorial services for the girls will be held next week beginning on Tuesday.

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