A unique gift for your Valentine

The Butcher Shop in Eagle Point cut rib-eye steaks into hearts for Valentine's Day. (News 10)

If you're looking for a unique gift for your carnivorous special someone this Valentine's Day, check out The Butcher Shop in Eagle Point.

They've cut rib-eye steaks into the shape of a heart in honor of today's holiday. "It's a really nice cut for a 'his and hers' plate or even somebody that's just got a big appetite," says Brian Stofflet, co-owner of the shop.

Stofflet says they've sold the Sweetheart Rib-eye for the past three years and it's becoming a popular item for customers to pick up for their loved ones. One man stopped in to buy two steaks: one for his girlfriend, and the other for his parents. "It's one of those things that kind of goes unnoticed. Most people don't know about it, since it's a specialty thing." He says they sold a couple hundred steaks yesterday and hope to sell a couple hundred more today.

"You don't have to go out to a crowded restaurant. You can prepare a nice meal at home that's probably going to be better than what you might get at a restaurant," Stofflet says.

If your sweetheart is anything like Stofflet's wife, chocolates and roses are a no-go. "A rib-eye steak is her favorite, so something like this is perfect for her," he says.

"This gives a chance for people to reunite with each other," Stofflet says. "We get so caught up in our busy day-to-day life and a lot of the times we forget and we don't appreciate. These holidays give us an opportunity to get back to the basics."

The heart-shaped steaks can be found in The Butcher Shop's display case, front and center, labeled "Sweet Heart Rib-Eye Steak" in red.

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