Evacuations lifted for Hornbrook/Copco communities

Press conference where it was announced Hornbrook and Copco communities are open (KTVL)

[Update 7/12/18 11:44 a.m]

Cal Fire has announced evacuation orders have been lifted for the areas east of Jenny/Fall Creek, south of the Oregon State line, north of the Copco Road, west of Topsey Grade.

The following areas in Jackson County have been downgraded to a Level 2, "Be Set" evacuation notice:

  • The area east of Interstate 5, covering Bureau of Land Management lands
  • Private properties west of the Jackson-Klamath County line, north of the Oregon-California border, and south of a line that extends from the intersection of I-5 and the Mount Ashland Ski Road due east to the Jackson-Klamath County line.

All other evacuation levels west of Interstate 5 have been lifted.

[Update 7/11 11:30 a.m]

Cal Fire announced some evacuation orders have been lifted for the Klamathon Fire. The fire has now burned 36,500 acres and is 60 percent contained.

  • The following areas are no longer under evacuation orders:
  • Community of Hornbrook- All evacuation orders/warnings have been lifted. COMMUNITY OF HORNBROOK HAS NO RUNNING WATER AND NO ETA
  • Community of Hilt in California- All evacuation orders/warnings have been lifted in California.
  • Community of Colestin in Oregon- Evacuation level has been changed from a Level 2 (Be Set), to Level 1 (Be Ready).
  • East Iron Gate Reservoir Estates- All evacuation orders have been lifted for the area South of Irongate Reservoir/Klamath River, North of Ager Beswick Road, East of Desavado Road, and West of Copco Bridge.
  • Copco Lake Area - Areas East of Jenny/Fall Creek, South of the Oregon State line, North of Copco Road, and West of Topsey Grade evacuation order has been downgraded to evacuation warning.
  • Klamath River Country Estates- All evacuation warnings are lifted

Residents who have large animals at the Siskiyou County Fairgrounds and need to pick them up, instructions are below:

  • Hours of Animal Pickup are 10a.m.- 6p.m.
  • Confirm that your property is ready to receive your animal prior to pic up
  • There are a lot of operations still going on and people to serve so please be patient if you do not get the most prompt service
  • Please follow the designated roadside instructions for animal pick-up at the Fairgrounds

Officials say there will still be active fire personnel in the area and to please reduce speeds and drive with caution. Cal Fire also says access will be limited to residents only and no other public access will be granted at this time.

Below is a message about safety for residents returning home:

[Original Story]

During a press conference Tuesday, officials said the communities of Hornbrook and Copco can return home at 7 p.m.

Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey says electricity has been restored in these areas, but there is no potable water.

Residents coming home cannot cook, drink, boil or bathe in the water. There are crews working to bring water back to the communities.

Sheriff Lopey says the communities are still a heath hazard because the burned buildings.

Lopey says residents coming back to need to be careful.

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