Family releases balloons for anniversary of Malina Nickel's disappearance

Family and friends of Malina Nickel release balloons on the anniversary of her disappearance.

One year ago this Thanksgiving, Malina Nickel went missing. Her family is still seeking answers.

On Thursday morning, Malina's family and friends gathered at her family's home to release a little more than a dozen balloons.

Her mother, Chareen, says this Thanksgiving without Malina is not the same, but the family has been able to start the healing process over the past year.

"We're thankful for what we have and all of that, but yet it's not going to be a happy, thankful day," Chareen said. "It's really broken this family up."

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office also posted a reminder earlier this week that Malina has been missing for a year.

The only substantial lead has been finding Malina's car just a few days after she went missing. Chareen says it's difficult to get people to come forward with information. She believes people will say they know something, then deny it because they do not want to "snitch."

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