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Family speaks out after local man was shot on a stranger's doorstep

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One week ago, 58 year old Robert Barry was shot and killed in the front yard of a Rogue River home.

The resident claims self defense. The family disagrees.

Robert and Judy Ann Barry married in 1991. Together they raised her five children.

Barry had worked in the oil industry and spent time in Oklahoma and other parts of the U.S. on the job.

But this time of year, he was coming home.

"He was a good man and he was on his way home to spend the holidays with his family," says Judy Ann Barry. "He would've never sole and he wouldn't ever hurt anybody."

He only made it to Rogue River before abandoning his vehicle and approaching the home of resident Alan Frost.

The family claims his car broke down and he needed to borrow a phone.

Frost claims self defense, shooting and killing Barry on the spot.

"I just don't understand the whole situation because of the type of person Bob was," Judy Ann Barry says. "And i know he just wanted to use the phone, or have them call someone. Why didn't they shoot in the air first?"

In addition to his wife and 5 step children, he leaves behind a nephew, 12 grandchildren, and his dog, Clyde, in addition to family across the country.

His wife says she's been frustrated by the pace of the investigation.

"I understand the family's point," says Sgt. Jeff Proulx with the Oregon State Police. "They want answers. And all those questions will be answered in the future. Unfortunately we just cant get all the questions they want answered right now."

Sgt. Proulx says they've interviewed witnesses and will look into the family's claims that the car must have broken down, but that could take weeks.

"We want to make sure we do the best job we can. It's a complex investigation - we want to make sure we do it thoroughly. Do it the right way, and then we'll send that information over to the D.A. and let them process it and decide what needs to be done," Sgt. Proulx says.

Information is still being gathered, so it's unclear what's ahead.

But the District Attorney's office says because there was a fatality involved, it could take some time before we have an answer.

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