Farmers upset about potential rural marijuana grow regulations

Farmers upset about potential rural marijuana grow regulations

A group of farmers, and others in the cannabis industry are upset about the possible law that could potentially end their marijuana grow in rural Josephine County.

"These farmers are small businesses here in Josephine county that have the right and confirmed they have the right to grow on their property," said Ross Day, a Portland lawyer who's representing 40 of the farmers.

"My understanding from the county what they have told me is that they are not going to enforce it while we are in the appeal process," said Day.

Day is talking about the new law that could be passed, regulating rural commercial marijuana grow.

The ordinance defines commercial grow as anything more than 12 mature plants and 24 immature plants.

"People think this only applies to commercial recreation farmer,s when in fact, when you have 12 adult plants and 24 immature plants it applies to you which is going to be a lit of medical growers too," said Day.

The ordinance also says growers will only work from dusk till dawn, and have to grow 100 feet away from the property line on all sides.

"Regulations apply only to cannabis and that doesn't make sense," said Day. "Why only cannabis and not garlic? Why can garlic farmers can operate all day everyday their tractors but cannabis farmers can't."

These are all frustrations from growers, who they say, are just trying to make a living.

"You're talking about a couple hundred people at least who could be out of work because they would have to shut down these small businesses," said Day.

While Day spoke with the farmers he represents, Josephine County Commissioners held a business session to hear the public input about the law before making a decision.

Below is that meeting and everything discussed in it:

Commissioner Dan DeYoung says this ordinance started when people started complaining about growers, and it's also to help crack down on those illegally growing.

The commissioners are not trying to stop rural cannabis grow, they just want to have regulations everyone can follow.

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