Fiery crash injures 2 teens, 2 others escape injury

(Curry County Sheriff's Office)

Two teens were injured and two others escape injury following a fiery crash in Curry County on Saturday.

On May 12th, CCSO received a report from Curry General Hospital of two teenage girls recovering from an unreported crash.

The teenagers told deputies there had been another female and male teenager involved in the crash located off of the Jerry's Flat Agness Road.

During an investigation deputies were able to identify all four teens and confirm that they were okay.

On Sunday, Deputies located the vehicle registered to Robert Stowe of Gold Beach about 5 miles south of the Jerry's Flat Agness Road on the 3313 Road.

The vehicle was found completely burned along with the vegetation and trees surrounding it.

A further investigation revealed that the driver only had an instruction permit and believe that along with speed, alcohol may have contributed to the crash.

The investigation into the crash is ongoing and it is expected that citations will be issued. The cause has been forwarded to the Curry County Juvenile Department.

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