Finding his forever home

Walnut riding back in his very own Saving Train (Trish Glose/KTVL)

If Walnut could talk, he may have the quite the story to tell. He was rescued on SoHumane’s Saving Train from a shelter outside Redding, California. While he made the cut to be on the van with the other dogs, there wasn’t enough space. SoHumane and a shelter employee made a plan to bring Walnut up on a different day.

“I just can’t stand the thought of him staying another night in this shelter,” Karen Evans, Executive Director of SoHumane says.

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She made the executive decision to bring Walnut back to the Rogue Valley in her personal vehicle. Less than a week after that ride home, Walnut was adopted.

A News10 viewer reached out after our story with pictures and reassurance that Walnut was a match for their family. Ryan McCray says his boys changed the dog’s name to “Emmet” after the Lego movie character.

McCray says he’s learned to sit, stay and walk on a leash which means daily walks for Emmet. McCray says Emmet has become his shadow and companion, never leaving his side and has even become his yoga partner.

SoHumane started up its Saving Train program in 2005. Since then, the organization has transferred more than 9,000 animals out of overcrowded shelters. Just last year, the organization saved 850 animals from outside shelters.

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