Fire crews: Home occupants and dogs safe from two-alarm fire

Courtesy: RMF

Rural Metro Fire & Grants Pass Department of Public Safety responded to a two-alarm structure fire in Hugo Sunday.

The fire took place at residence housing several children and up to four dogs at the 5100 block of Tunnel Loop Road.

Reports say that flames were rolling out the front of the single-story portion of the structure.

Occupants of the home were attempting to fight the flames with garden hoses.

All occupants safely exited the residence, including several children. No human injuries were reported.

Up to 4 dogs made it safely out of the house.

Reports say one dog reentered the structure and was unaccounted for, but a firefighter was able to locate the dog and carry it to the outside.

The dog suffered from mild smoke inhalation and some singed fur.

Rural Metro Fire is working with the occupants to arrange Red Cross assistance.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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