Fire crews warn about water activities on Memorial Day weekend

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

Despite the relatively dry winter Southern Oregon has had, the Rogue River is running pretty close to full.

It’s just three and a half feet below average at Lost Creek Lake, and about two and a half feet under the norm on the Applegate River.

That means the currents are pretty strong, and Jackson County Fire District 3 Chief Mike Calhoun warns people enjoying Memorial Day weekend out on the water to be cautious of this and pack safety gear.

"We encourage, if you're going to be out playing, what's wrong with swimming with a life jacket on? That way if you do get tired, you get cramped you get fatigued, at least you're not going to sink," said Chief Calhoun.

Temperatures are looking to be normal on the water this weekend as well, at 56 degrees on the Applegate River and 51 at Lost Creek Lake

Chief Calhoun says swimmers should also be mindful of as it could shock the body.

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