Fire-free summer, more outdoor activities for children

Children's backpacks are set down as they enjoyed playtime at the Medford YMCA. (Sammy Shaktah/News 10)

As fires ravaged through southern Oregon last year it also had its impact on children, plenty of which could not enjoy their outdoor activities like those planned at the Medford YMCA's summer programs.

During last years fires, children had to make do with indoor activities in order to be kept out of the smoke-filled air, but now this summer is back on track for outdoor fun.

"It feels a little like hitting the jackpot after last year," Gary Taylor, Medford YMCA Camp Director said.

His staff lead activities outdoors Wednesday, at the Medford YMCA's playground.

This summer's lack of local fires will allow children to play outside without last years worries of smoke inhalation.

They can also plan to swim outdoors and go on field trips.

"We're outside, it's not too hot, the weather's been great this summer up to this point and kids are definitely happy to be outside. In fact, we've had kids that have remembered last year and said I hope that doesn't happen again, so its been great," Taylor said.

Some children said they were having a great time playing outside.

The YMCA is looking forward to a great summer with the children and is optimistic about the outdoor activities they can plan for the kids to enjoy after last years accommodations needed to be made around smoke and fire-filled summer.

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