Despite the cooler temperatures, fire season is still not over

A fire in white City that occurred on July 5th. (KTVL/Alexander Mesadieu)

Despite a recent dip in temperatures, fire crews around Southern Oregon remind the public that fire season is still not over.

Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) calculates the start and end of the season by temperature, humidity, fuel moisture, and several other factors across counties.

ODF says ignoring the fire season regulations could be dangerous.

"There's still some restrictions in place and as long as we get the public cooperation for people to abide by that, we'll have a safe end to the season," said Melissa Cano, Public Information Officer with ODF.

Under the current fire danger levels people cannot burn debris piles, or use burn barrels, use exploding targets, use tracer ammunition, use fireworks, smoke while traveling in a non-encolsed vehicle in specific locations.

Open fires at locations other than designated campgrounds are also banned.

Any electric fence controllers must be approved by a nationally recognized testing laboratory such as Underwriters Laboratories Inc. or be certified by the Department of Business Services,.

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