Fire season: veterans and novices take on live fire training


Oregon Department of Forestry and other fire agencies took part in a live fire training Friday morning at a 30 acre lot in Central Point.

The field was full of noxious weeds to burn as part of a simulation of what to expect during fire season.

ODF say they are sent to fires, like the ones simulated during the practice, nearly every day during the peak of fire season.

"During the summer, our typical grass fires are those quarter acre to one and a half acre in size that we're running on a couple of times daily, and that's exactly what we're doing here," says Melissa Cano, personal information officer for ODF Southwest.

The crews worked on mobile fire attacks, pump and roll tactics, and much more.

"We also want to work on our communication, making sure that we're communicating not only with dispatch and in some cases aerial attack. So we're kind of checking off all those basic things," says Cano.

Nearly fifteen percent of the team training were new firefighters who experienced their first exposure to fire Friday.

ODF says they are always training and debriefing during fire season. They say they do these types of training early on in the summer to prevent the fire from becoming out of control.

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