Flash mob, protest calls for recall of Parks & Recreation commissioners

Supporters of 'Save our Seniors' assembled in a flash mob on Saturday to urge the recall of three of Ashland's Parks & Recreation commissioners. (Genevieve Grippo)

A group of concerned citizens took to Ashland's streets on Saturday to call for the removal of three members from the city's Parks and Recreation Department.

The protest came in the form of a flash mob to the song, "I will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor.

It happened in the Ashland Plaza in protest of dramatic changes the department made to the senior center.

Throughout the song, dancers chanted the phrase, "No More. Get Out. Shame, shame, shame. Seniors!"

Those involved in SOS, or support our seniors, say the center was once a place many seniors considered to be a second home.

"It's where they go for comfort, where they go for friends," said Sandra Sawyer, one of the concerned citizens. "It's where they go for nurturing, for help on papers that they need to get assistance. And with that gone, they have nowhere to turn."

In August, members of the Ashland Parks and Recreation Department voted to reorganize the senior center by laying off its two-person staff -- replacing them with Parks and Recreation employees.

Sawyer says those employees are untrained and unable to provide the same services the center once offered.

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