Food Safety at Jackson County Fair

Health inspector visits the fair to ensure food safety (Marissa Olid/News 10.)

While the rides at the Jackson County Fair are a big deal, so is the food!

The fair has about 25 different food vendors with a wide variety to choose from. Many of the food vendors are Oregon locals and return to the fair year after year. In order to ensure everyone has a safe time at the fair, food safety is an important aspect.

"The health inspectors come out to see us at the beginning of the fair and check everybody. They come out two to three times during the week and inspect us as well," said Daryl Whicheloe, owner of Southern Oregon Food and Beverage.

Inspectors are looking to make sure food vendors meet the required temperature for all food. When inspectors visit during the week, they are often surprise inspections.

Whicheloe has worked at the fair for 33 years and over the years he has noticed changes in the food business.

"We have a lot of new equipment coming to the fair, great big stands like these instead of tents we used to have," said Whiceloe. He also explains the quality and level of professionalism have also gone up.

Not only does the money from food vendors go towards the business owners, but it also goes back into the community. According to Whiceloe, the fair helps the community and impacts the economy in Jackson County.

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