Foundations for Recovery firing sparks employee fallout


After working for Foundations For Recovery since 2012, Doug Gould announced on Facebook he was fired as executive director. In his role, he oversaw the foundation's peer mentoring of drug and alcohol treatment and prevention.

Gould said the executive board did not provide with him an explanation, except there were irreconcilable differences.

After hearing about the firing, Melisa Bond, who was the former director of peer support, quit from her position.

"Without him, it's just a shame," Bond said. "I can't imagine how the place is going to stay afloat at all but I definitely don't want to be apart of it."

Bond said more than five employees have also quit or are considering it.

"I like to think of the team at FFR as a sports team and Doug was the coach that not only has great ideas but motivated us, inspires us, keeps us working together as a team and so when that falls it kind of all goes away," Bond said.

The FFR board issued a statement saying, "We will miss his love, passion and commitment to the foundations for recovery and the clients it serves...please pray that we may find the most qualified person possible to lead this successful organization forward."

"Plenty of times they said 'You guys are following a man and not a vision and not a dream' but I don't think that is the case," Bond said. "I think that Doug carried the vision and carried the dream."

Gould said in his post he has made huge sacrifices in this position, including his first 14 months on the job receiving no payment.

"He went a long time without a dime and cleaned out his 401K to do this and so if his job isn't safe... how can anybody imagine that theirs are," Bond said. "That's dedication like I've never seen."

Bond said she is not sure what's next for her, but she will follow and support Gould in whatever he does next.

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