'Fowled'-up commute: Truck hauling live chickens wipes out on I-5 near Olympia

Semi hauling live chickens crashes on I-5 near Olympia (WSP Photo)

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- It wasn't exactly "Flyin' chickens in a barnyard!" as Seattle Sonics announcer Kevin Callabro used to say, but there were apparently quite a few chickens running around I-5 early Monday morning after a semitruck crash near Olympia.

A semi hauling live chickens was heading north around 4 a.m. when it lost control near the US-101 exit and crashed into the jersey barrier, knocking over a street light.

The wreck blocked three southbound lanes and two northbound lanes for the cleanup, 'fowling' up the morning commute.

Troopers say the driver wasn't injured and no other cars were involved.

Though video from the scene showed dozens of carcasses, this tweet from the State Patrol seems to suggest some survived.

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