Friends and family rally for 13-yer old boy with pneumonia

Friends and family rally for 13-yer old boy with pneumonia

Friends and family of 13 year-old Orick Wagner came together Tuesday night, praying for him to get well.

"I pray that if it's in your heart. that you heal this child," said a family friend who said a prayer.

"He has two different types of viral pneumonia and with that, there really isn't any medications they can give to treat it." said Orick's pastor, Michael Franell of Lozier Baptist Church. "All they can do is treat some of the symptoms and keep the bacteria from developing."

He says Orick has had health complications ever since birth. He was born three months premature.

"The doctors were ready to give up on him at birth, said Pastor Franell. "They started turning off the machines and we began to pray and Orick came to life."

With tears rolling down their faces, Oricks loved ones are hand in hand inside the church, continuously praying for his recovery.

"The pneumonia that got him this time is very serious and that's why we have come together to pray," said Pastor Franell.

He says four years ago, Orick was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension. It's considered to be rare and is a type of high blood pressure that affects arteries in the lungs and heart.

In children, they're not expected to live for more than a year after diagnosis.

"They're trying to give him time to fight off the pneumonia but with his compromised heart and lungs, its very difficult for him," said Pastor Franell.

Family and friends believe that he will get better, and back to his old self soon.

"Just continue to pray for him," said Pastor Franell. "Prayer works miracles and I've seen it many times in Orick's life and he's going to need a miracle this time."

More donations, please visit the family's GoFundMe page.

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