Friends of stabbing victims tell their side of the story

Investigator looking for evidence at stabbing scene on Palm Avenue in Ashland (KTVL / News10)

ASHLAND, Ore -- Two men are recovering after police said they were stabbed outside a college party.

The incident happened around 1:00 am Friday. The girls who threw the party told News10 the four suspects were not invited to the party and were trying to enter the house. The girls who live at the home on Palm Avenue said they kept "asking the guys to leave and they wouldn't."

Two males who were at the party got involved and that is when police said there was a fight.

"We were just crying . We didn't know what to do," said one of the women, who chose to stay anonymous.

Their neighbor Carrie Smith heard the fight.

"They don't usually have loud parties so I didn't want to call the cops... now I think next time if I hear anything that sounds unsafe I'll call the police," she said.

The students tell us the victims are expected to be okay. Four men have been arrested in connection to the case.

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