Funding needed for KCC Sheriff substation


Hope for a new Klamath County Sheriff's Office substation at Klamath Community College now rests with the county board of commissioners who would have to vote to fund a portion of what's needed.

According to Sheriff Chris Kaber, the campus substation would be an office supplied by the college, staffed with one sworn-officer of sergeant rank who would manage the campus safety officers as well as the county's three school resource officers.

Eventually the plan is to develop a reserve academy attached to the criminal justice program at KCC where future hires could be recruited and grown for the department.

"It's sometime hard to find qualified employees in law enforcement," Kaber said. "We're all in competition for the same employees. So basically growing some of our own potential, future officers not just for our own department but for any agency is the goal. So that sergeant would be a part of that program and may even be an instructor."

The Sheriff's Office has a contract to patrol the college currently but Kaber says there has not been any significant public safety issue in the last few years.

"We'll take care of their needs but it helps us as well," Kaber said. "It's a good marriage of resources."

The cost of the proposed three year contract would be split 75/25 with the RCC and the county respectively.

The county would be responsible for $34,000 annually with the college kicking in $102,020 annually.

Earlier this week the Klamath Community College board voted unanimously to approve the contract but now the county commission would need to approve it's portion.

Klamath County commissioners are expected to address the issue during their Jan. 8 meeting.

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