Funnel cloud forms in Klamath County

(Courtesy to Scott Reynolds/News 10).

A funnel cloud was reported this afternoon in Klamath County.

According to the National Weather Service, their observer at the airport tower in Klamath Falls reported it and they were in contact with them throughout the day.

Scott Reynolds, a Merrill, Oregon resident said his daughter sent him the picture of the funnel cloud which was something he had never seen before.

"Where she lives she was looking over towards where we live and she thought it was right over the town of Merrill so she called us on the phone said 'I'm going to send you a picture because there's a tornado coming at you.' By that time it tucked back into the sky and disappeared," Reynolds said.

A funnel cloud is a tornado that forms but does not touch the ground.

"She thought that maybe it was going to turn into one you right over towards where we live so she was kind of scared about it," Reynolds said.

The National Weather Service said that although this is rare for the area, it can happen with all of the spins in the atmosphere and rotation.

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