Medford Rogues GM thankful for community

General Manager Carolyn Birch of The Medford Rogues

Medford, Ore.- Today is the final day for Medford Rogues Acting General Manager Carolyn Birch.

This is her third season with The Medford Rogues.

"It's sad for me, I made a lot of friends here and people supported me well while I've been here. So it's certainly bittersweet," said Birch.

This is her sixth year working in sports. Previously she worked for a collegiate baseball team in Canada, as well as a hockey and lacrosse team.

Birch says, in her time with the Rogues she's most proud of making the team a bigger part of the community by doing fundraiser events for local charities, having players participate in different local events, and having the team spend time with local kids and teens in youth homeless shelters.

"I believe we are a community team and we owe it to the community to gives back to the community that supports us. So to me it's part of a no-brainer anytime we can get the players out," said Birch.

Birch does not know what's next for her after her 3 seasons with The Medford Rogues.

She will be moving back to her hometown in Canada in the next few days.

When asked how she would like to be remembered in Rogues history Birch answered:

"The community element. Definitely also working hard to create a really fun family environment here, and trying to up our entertainment game and promotions and trying to do new things all the time and not being scared to fail."

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