Girl Scouts visit elections office

(KTVL/Georgia Lawson).PNG

Girl scouts from Grants Pass School District 7, Three Rivers School District, and Rogue River School District 35 visited the Jackson County elections office Monday.

They toured the office, learning about the voting process, how ballots are collected and counted, and the impact they can one day have by casting their own ballot.

While the group, ages 7 to 12, can't vote quite yet, they said they're looking forward to the opportunity.

"I think its important to vote because voting can change the way that you want to change things and it can help other people change things as well," says Milena, a girl scout on the tour.

Milena is ten years old, so while 2018 can't expect her votes, 2026 can.

And with voter turnout for people under 30 typically coming in lower than any other age group, getting educated now may make a difference for the future of voter participation.

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