Girl who admitted to pushing friend off a bridge waives right to speedy trial

The moment Taylor Smith pushed Jordan Holgerson into the East Fork Lewis River.

The Clark county girl who admitted to pushing her friend off the Moulton Falls Bridge over the Summer was before a judge on Tuesday.

Tay'lor Smith is charged with reckless endangerment. The charges stem from an incident caught on video of her pushing her former friend off of the high arch bridge at Moulton Falls last August, into the river below.

The 50-foot drop into the East Fork Lewis River broke four of Jordan Holgerson's ribs and caused damage to her lung. Doctors say it could have been a fatal fall.

In court, Smith waived her right to a speedy trial, which gives prosecutors and her defense attorney a chance to talk about a potential plea agreement. Prosecutors would not comment on how they plan to proceed with the case.

"I hope this is over soon and I don't think she's taking any responsibility... she's making this a difficult trial... because, I'm just looking for justice," Holgerson, 16, told KATU.

When asked what justice looked like for her, she responded, ""I have no idea."

Her mother, Genelle Holgerson, said "I'm not sure at this time."

Smith bolted out of court with a group of women, none of them would respond to requests for comment.

In the hall, Genelle Holgerson tried to talk to a woman with Smith, telling her she had a video of Smith, implying it was her daughter. The woman did not respond.

The Holgersons say that Smith is violating the Judge's 'no contact' order.

KATU asked the prosecutor of this was true, and the prosecutor said "nothing was filed" as of Tuesday.

"Tay'lor's constantly going everywhere Jordan is and making it hard for Jordan to be where she wants to be with her friends. Tay'lor shows up everywhere Jordan wants to be and it's very difficult for Jordan," Genelle Holgerson said.

When asked if the friend dynamic adds to the difficulty, since they run in the same circles, Jordan responded,"I think she's crying wolf to them, so they're kind of sucking up to her. So when I want to go somewhere, I have to leave."

"I hope that she learns something. Because in New York, she said she was going to take full responsibility," Jordan says, referring to her Good Morning America interview where Smith apologized. "I just don't think she cares."

The court set a trial date for February 11, 2019.

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