Gov. Brown stresses importance of CTE at North Medford

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

Governor Kate Brown was in town Thursday visiting North Medford High School to speak about graduation rates and the importance of specialized education.

Governor Brown says she’s specifically focused on Career Technical Education seeing as on average students who focus their studies in that field have a 14 percent higher graduation rate.

North Medford High School is just one of the schools is our valley that offers CTE training.

Governor Brown says it's an important edge our students need to chip away at the low graduation rates in our state as a whole.

"My goal for you as governor, I'm going to fight to make sure that every student, in every school, in every community across Oregon has access to hands-on learning," said Governor Brown.

Governor Brown says that's why this last year the state quadrupled funding for career and technical education.

And North Medford is leading the way on this cause.

This last summer they had a 90 percent graduation rate - the highest in Southern Oregon.

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