Grandmas2Go looks to help parents in need

MEDFORD -- Linda Otto's resume includes infant massage instructor, postpartum doula, and Court Appointed Special Advocate.

Now, she's launching Grandmas2Go, a non-profit program of parent coaches to help families in need.

"I am not a grandma. I could not have children. And I stayed away from children for a very long time. But I need to have my baby fix," Otto said.

Otto said as a CASA she worked with many drug-affected babies. She said many parents told her drug use was in their families for generations, and she's looking to change that.

"We have a really bad meth and heroin problem in our community. And so I can say to a mom - I know what you're battling. But what you need to do is make the decisions so that your child has an easier time than you," Otto said.

Grandmas2Go is looking to not only help families affected by drugs and poverty, but also those just needing an extra hand. Steve Spencer said he was put in touch with Otto after becoming a single dad.

"Circumstances left me with both of these boys. Their mother made some poor decisions and...anyway I just needed a lot of help," Spencer said.

With a grandma's assistance by his side, Spencer said he can handle the 24/7 job of watching two boys under the age of two.

"Making sure that these guys have everything they need before I get anything and most of the time I at least make my coffee in the morning and get that going but then it's 100 percent them," Spencer said.

Grandmas2Go will expand to recruit new coaches next month. For more information, just go to

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