Grants Pass dealership repairs family's car, after shooting

The Williams family standing in front of their newly repaired car at Jim's Automotive in Grants Pass on Tuesday. (Jennevieve Fong / News 10)

Ashley and Josh Williams were driving down Interstate 5 when Matthew Fanelli shot at their car door during a high-speed chase. The bullet almost hit their 11-month old baby Leviathan, leaving holes in their car door.

Having issues with their insurance, the Williams family was unable to afford the repairs on their own.

Contacted by the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety, Jim Siegel's automotive was able repair the car for free.

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The Williams family said they are thankful for the help, as it will allow them to move on.

"They helped us out in the damages, so we didn't have to look at it every day which was really good because it was an emotional day," Ashley said. "Because it took me 10 years to have him. It was a long journey to have him and I would have lost him like that."

General Manager Michael Hoglen said the repairs costs about $2,700 to fix. However, it is a small price to pay in order to give them some piece of mind.

"It's always great to see them afterwards," Hoglen said. "I had met them prior when they brought the car over, but she was really touched, almost brought to tears at all the work that was done for them."

Holgen said the car dealership has worked with GPDPS officers before to help other victims and to decorate cars for their drug abuse resistance education program in local schools.

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